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Misty Bussell, Agent/Owner

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Firefly Realty is a full service real estate company owned by a local who grew up in Cisco, TX. I love our growing community and want to help you find the perfect place to start your new business or buy that 100 acre ranch you've always dreamed about or that adorable brick house on the corner with a picket fence.  

However, if it is time to move on and sell your property, I would love to list your home, ranch, lot, or business and guide your through the selling process.

Have a wonderful day,                                                                      Misty

*Interesting tidbit on how Firefly Realty got its name:  After spouting out numerous names for our company, we finally narrowed it down to a few including Firefly Realty when a lightening bug, aka firefly, just happened to glow around the room that night before I fell asleep.  "Well, that must be a sign," we thought, so we quickly adopted our new company name-Firefly Realty!

These magical creatures bring back fond memories of growing up in a small, Texas town running around on hot, summer nights chasing lightening bugs or catching them in a jar; Also a time where we watched our manners, respected our elders, kept our commitments, and telling a lie was a punishable offense.  It exemplifies a time of innocence that I hope to never forget or lose-  that small town hospitality where we can all drink sweet tea out of a mason jar on the front porch and chase the fireflies at night!  I strive for these principals to be at the heart of my company!

Here is a borrowed saying or quote that I love from an unkown author:  

"Remember to stop and chase the fireflies."


Misty Bussell
Misty Bussell